Leonie Rettig, Piano

“She is an extraordinarily gifted pianist with the most beautiful combining of
a great depth in musical feeling with a fantastic technique – her pianistic possibilities are huge”

– Vladimir Krainev, Pianist

Leonie Rettig is an extraordinarily gifted pianist and undoubtedly one of the most interesting young pianists of her generation. Her outstanding talent is ercely combining a breathtaking technique with highly intelligent and phenomenal musicality. Already at a very young age Leonie has worked with the milestones of the piano literature. The twenty- five-year-old pianist offers persuasive and profound interpretations, deeply illuminates the complexity of structures and is a wonderful poet too.

Concert invitations have taken the young pianist to such events as the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, and the MiTo festival in Milan and Turin, furthermore to the Leipzig summer piano festival and the international chamber music festival at Viana do Castelo. Leonie Rettig has played in Italy at the Accademia Tedesca Villa Massimo in Rome, as well as in Portugal, South- Africa, the Ukraine, Switzerland and Argentina. Her concert in the sold-out small auditorium of North German Radio (NDR) in Hanover was ardently celebrated by the audience and recorded by NDR. Together with the renowned German actor Katja Riemann she gave a charity concert she organised herself in favour of UNICEF in the Kammermusiksaal at the famous Philharmonie in Berlin. In March 2017 she gave a master class at the Universidad de los Artes in Buenos Aires.

She made her orchestral debut at the age of fourteen in Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto. At the age of twelve she has been awarded the second prize of the International Piano Competition Nikolaï Rubinstein in Paris and won the rst prize at the Jugend Musiziert competition the following year. In 2006 she was awarded several prizes and special prizes at the IBLA Grand Prize in Sicily, including a special mention for exceptional musical talent. Leonie Rettig took part in two categories and was the youngest to be awarded in both the youth and the adult category.

Even as a child Leonie Rettig knew her own mind. In an Interview she gave to idagio she characterises this impressively: “I don’t think I ever actively decided to become a concert pianist, except for one moment in my early childhood. Apparently I was standing in front of my mother one day at the age of four, stating that I would also become a pianist. In fact I always felt this inner certainty and without ever questioning it, going down that road was always quite natural to me.”

At the age of fteen Leonie Rettig was studying with legendary Russian pianist Vladimir Krainev at Hanover’s College of Music, Drama and Media. Krainev himself was one of the last pupil of renowned pedagogue at the Moscow Conservatory Heinrich Neuhaus.

Piano works ranging from Domenico Scarlatti’s sonatas to the piano sonata by Henry Dutilleux form an integral part of her extensive repertoire, with the compositions of the Romantic era as central to her work.


Romantic balm for the soul with Leonie Rettig.

“Leonie Rettig not only played, but rather commemorated the sonata in B minor by Schubert and the sonata in F minor by Brahms with contemplatively internalised but highly focused dedication. As a matter of fact, her lucid playing created an atmosphere as if both the materialistic boundaries and the temporal limitations had been repealed, almost appearing to be transcendental.”

(Südwestpresse, 16.02.2016)

Pianistically top class.

“We experienced a creative miracle […]. Right from the rst notes of Liszt’s B minor Sonata the audience was on the edge of their seats. It was as if Leonie Rettig began to read a long pianistic novel […]. Following on from last year’s Liszt bicentenary, Leonie Rettig had delivered such an overwhelming masterpiece that it was some moments before the applause began.”

(Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 28.2.2013)