Komarova  Artists Management“,

which is based in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin, was founded in autumn 2016 by Tatjana Komarova. 

Tatjаna Komarova studied composition and piano at the Moscow Conservatory and at Cologne University of Music and Dance.

Her works have been performed in many important concert halls around the world and have been published by Schott Music Edition Mainz. In addition, she has been organising music festivals (such as “Spannungen – Musik im Kraftwerk Heimbach”, Germany) and concerts for many years.

Tatjana Komarova is working as a Managing Director in the Classical Music Management  since 2011.

The company aims to bring the best musicians and ensembles onto international concert stages and thus to promote their musical careers on a longterm basis.

Today “Komarova Artists Management” also would like to present the creation of a new platform.

Tatjana Komarova, as a composer herself, the intention of her management is to stand by especially strong for Contemporary  Music and modern composers.
Komarova Artists management will support and particularly represent high-contrast personalities from different countries from now on.

“Komarova Artists Management” ist „Full Member of IAMA – International Artist Managers´Association